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Like a Cat Scan of a Building

View of “internal organs”

Using a medical analogy to understand new ways of accessing point cloud data… The slide above shows the point cloud in RECAP software with the exterior envelope layer turned off, revealing the cluster of internal spaces.

The slides below show a series of “slices” taken vertically through the buildings at 1 meter intervals, from north towards the south and then from east proceeding towards the west.

a series of “slices” ex. 1

a series of “slices” ex. 2

Overlapping Photogrammetric systems

View of Point Cloud from side/rear

Spending a lot of time seeing how different photogrammetric systems and point cloud software packages speak to one another. sometimes the interface is elegant, sometime not so much…

Virginia Wines, Thomas Jefferson, Architecture…

Here is a link to a nice blog post about Barboursville: Wine, Thomas Jefferson, Architecture… what more could you want for a weekend excursion in Virginia? Thank you to the writer, Elaine C. Jean, for featuring one of my photos of the ruins taken from the air.


New Header

I’m posting a new header for this blog. It’s a composite image of half of the Quai Vauban facing the river Doubs in Besancon, France.  It’s an accurate assembly of a couple dozen images that are each rectified to a known plane/scale.  Here is a detail showing the resolution of the image. We are hoping to see this printed full size and used as a mural somewhere in Charlottesville – a sister city to Besancon.