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Stone Barn at Morven Park

Below is a composite elevation of a portion of the stone barn at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.

Composite Elevation with two of the three images faded to 50% opacity

The “elevation” is actually a composite of three images, each rectified to respect the scale of 1:48 (or a quarter inch equals a foot) when printed at 300dpi. The individual images are posted below.

partial elevation (LEFT) qtr scale at 300dpi

partial elevation (CENTER) qtr scale at 300dpi

partial elevation (RIGHT) qtr scale at 300dpi

Below is a screen shot of a point cloud in autocad that shows the exterior of a stone barn. I’ve found that the density of points has a strong correlation to the content of the photos. In this case, we see that the stone surfaces create a very high density while the painted doors and such read almost not at all.

Screen Capture of point cloud derived from photographs of the stone barn at Morven Park, as viewed in Autocad 2011 software

True Color Point Cloud

Point Cloud of Staunton Creamery Building

Here I am posting a point cloud scan of a structure much more mundane than the Arc De Triomphe, a square-ish two storey building located not far from my office.  This was produced from about 40 photographs and consists of tens of thousands of point measurements that are represented in their true color.

Staunton Creamery