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an optically rectified image

Just as the last post was NOT a picture of a laser point cloud, this is a rectified image that is NOT derived through photogrammetry… Rather is is a wide angle shot that has been optically corrected to match real world conditions through perspective correction and parallax removal. The point is, though, that this photo can behave like a drawing – offering quantitative data in the same way my photogrammetric work can do. With a little additional field work and a little tweaking in Photoshop (or the Gimp or whatever raster editing software you have) , this could become a reasonably accurate hybrid drawing.  Conceptually, this approach can offer just about any architect or preservationist out there the benefits of photogrammetry without having to get “all the way in the water.”  Of course, not every structure offers itself up to this approach, but I think its interesting that it is the idea of mixing photography and measured drawings that is powerful: it is an approach that grows out of our profession (after all the basis of HABS is the measured drawing and the photograph) rather than a technology that is applied to it.  And it is low cost and widely available!

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