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Sharing: more Claude Ledoux, Quai Vauban & Besancon

Theatre (Besancon) Nicolas Claude Ledoux 1784

Here are some screen shots of the point cloud depicting the theater in Besancon designed by Ledoux in the 18th century.

Point Cloud of Theater

This was created with a few “snap shots” of the building taken from the street.

Photos used to create point cloud

In order to capture roof elements and such additional photos would be necessary. As a “piece” of the street however, it can be assembled along with additional scans to create a larger whole.

A few more screen shots from a separate locations in Bescanson, across form the Prefecture:

Screen capture from Elcovision

And an “aerial view” of a point cloud that encompasses the entire Quai Vauban:

The Quai Vauban