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Like a Cat Scan of a Building

View of “internal organs”

Using a medical analogy to understand new ways of accessing point cloud data… The slide above shows the point cloud in RECAP software with the exterior envelope layer turned off, revealing the cluster of internal spaces.

The slides below show a series of “slices” taken vertically through the buildings at 1 meter intervals, from north towards the south and then from east proceeding towards the west.

a series of “slices” ex. 1

a series of “slices” ex. 2

Aerial Photography > Dense Point Clouds

Since 2009 I’ve done a fair amount of work with aerial photography, all the while continuing to explore architectural photography and photogrammetry while on the ground. I’ve tried in the past with some success to merge the two things but have found the results to be lacking something. That something, I think, is the hyper dense point cloud – and now I have it pretty much figured out.

Below are tow animated GIF images showing first the point cloud describing our local hospital (which I was contracted to cover with aerial photographs a few years back) and the second is a textured 3-D model of the scan.

Its so amazing to think that the flight over this structure can be reconstructed virtually a few years later with even more options to “fly around”…

Dense Point Cloud

Dense Point Cloud

Textured 3-D model

Textured 3-D model