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an optically rectified image

Just as the last post was NOT a picture of a laser point cloud, this is a rectified image that is NOT derived through photogrammetry… Rather is is a wide angle shot that has been optically corrected to match real world conditions through perspective correction and parallax removal. The point is, though, that this photo can behave like a drawing – offering quantitative data in the same way my photogrammetric work can do. With a little additional field work and a little tweaking in Photoshop (or the Gimp or whatever raster editing software you have) , this could become a reasonably accurate hybrid drawing.  Conceptually, this approach can offer just about any architect or preservationist out there the benefits of photogrammetry without having to get “all the way in the water.”  Of course, not every structure offers itself up to this approach, but I think its interesting that it is the idea of mixing photography and measured drawings that is powerful: it is an approach that grows out of our profession (after all the basis of HABS is the measured drawing and the photograph) rather than a technology that is applied to it.  And it is low cost and widely available!

This cute little warehouse is located in Staunton, VA and has most of its upper floors available in case anyone is looking for a great place to locate a new business!

2 boards prepared to illustrate hybrid drawing concept

Board 1

Board 2

Mosaic Images from multiple view points simultaneously

Maria Mitchell Hybrid Drawing

Maria Mitchell Hybrid Drawing

Above is what I like to call a “hybrid drawing” of the historic Maria Mitchell House located on the island of Nantucket. A hybrid drawing is one of two things, or possible both: It is a photographic image that behaves like a measured drawing (it is scalable and can provide quantifiable data), or it is a measured drawing that is rich in the way a photographic image is (materials, colors, actual as-found existing conditions are depicted photographically).

Line drawing with key to individual rectified images

Line drawing with key to individual rectified images

Above is a view of the line drawing with all of the rectified images that compose the hybrid drawing “frozen”. In other words, in the CAD drawing, these layers of information are turned off and made invisible so as to see just the line-work itself and a series of polygons that correspond to bit map/raster images that are referenced by the drawing.

Below are a series of images showing each individual rectified photographs as it is situated in the context of the drawing.  These added together make the composite image at the top of this post.

Maria Mitchell 10Maria Mitchell 9

Maria Mitchell 8Maria Mitchell 7Maria Mitchell 6Maria Mitchell 5

Maria Mitchell 11