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Page updates: Maison Tristan Tzara

I added a photo of the Tristan Tzara House (designed by Adolf Loos in 1926) to my Travel | France page. The building is located on the Avenue Junot in Paris, in Montmartre. I did a series of photos of this house at Christmas time a few years back; one of them was published this summer by Lars Muller in the book Hamsun Holl Hamaroy. My photo appears alongside an essay by Yehuda Emmanuel Safran on the connection between Knut Hamsun and Steven Holl.

Maison Tristan Tzara (1926)

A more co-planar Streetscape

Streetscape in San Miguel de Allende

click on image to see a 100% crop

Here is another streets-cape quickly composed from a half dozen photographs. These facades are more co-planar and thus more easily create a street-scape that is dimensionally faithful to real world conditions. Is it a drawing that looks like a photograph or a photograph that behaves like a drawing?  The tension between these two notions remains beguiling to me.