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Gear: iPhone4 plus Glif plus SlowShutter app

Nature Morte

The camera in the iPhone4 is a lot of fun. It performs very well under a variety of circumstances when paired with the right “app”. I particularly like the SlowShutter app used in conjunction with the camera mounted on a tripod. If the end product for a photograph is to be used on the web, no other camera would be necessary almost! The images produced by the iPhone don’t hold a candle to a good raw file produced by a DSLR or decent mirror-less compact if we judge them as print-worthy images. The ergonomics of the iPhone are lousy as a camera. But, given a chance, the camera can shine. Plus its always in your pocket, which counts for a lot.

Gear: iphone4 tripod mount

The iphone4 can be a great little camera – but its not easy to hold. And for longer exposures its practicaly impossible to get a good shot, even if you brace it against a wall or a chair, whatever. If you have any interest in long exposures, or time lapse photography, you quickly realize that you need to find a way to attach the phone to a tripod. I shopped around and found a cool new product that will do what I want with the tripod and more. Its called the “Glif” and retails for $20.

Here’s a link to the Studio Neat website where you can learn more and/or buy one. They are a small designer/manufacturer company that got going thanks to a Kickstarter Campaign. What that means is they went straight to the public to create a short path between an elegant idea and a manufactured product.


Gear: Verizon iphone hotspot software update

For all Verizon iphone users… there is not a new operating system for your iphone 4. The new release that is being promoted on Apple’s website (iOS 4.3) is only for AT&T customers to update their phones so that they have the same capabilities as the Verizon iphone 4. Hot spot access and folders for apps are already available.

Further note: In case you plan to use your mobile hotspot for business, be advised that your tethered internet connection will be dropped whenever you get an incoming call because Verizon’s network doesn’t do voice and data at the same time.

I still find the idea of tethering rather compelling since there are so many wifi spots available as back up.