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Cosmos Club Ball Room

just a quick post to share some images from a project completed in 2010. I understand that the restoration of the ballroom is fully complete now.

Ceiling of the Cosmos Club Ballroom

Centerpiece of Ballroom ceiling


Elevation of Cosmos Club Ballroom

a closer look...

...and a little closer

In these elevation drawings won can see black lines overlaid atop the rectified images. These are dimensionally accurate vector lines in AutoCAD.

Additional content added

Today I updated content of the following pages:

287 Broadway

Building at Broadway & Reade Street in Manhattan

“Prominently situated on a comer site, the 287 Broadway Building is notable for its combination of the ltalianate and French Second Empire styles as executed in cast iron, and one of the few surviving examples in New York City.” – From the 1987 NYCLPC Landmark Designation Report

Construction of a new building to the south of 287 Broadway has caused this historic structure to fail.  I was asked to prepare rectified photography and a point cloud file/drawing that will at once capture the existing conditions and composition of the cast iron facades – and to provide some precise measurements as to how severly the building is leaning and in what manner.

Reade Street Elevation

Broadway Elevation

Two elevations of 287 Broadway

Point identities (that correspond to a "smart" point cloud) are noted on the Photographs

Childs Restaurant -2

Sheet 1 with rectified images "thawed"

Sheet 2 with rectified images "frozen"

Childs Restaurant

Sheet 3 with some rectified images "thawed", others "frozen"

Traylor Hall – Mercersburg Academy

The Provident Mutual Insurance Building (2)

The Provident Mutual Insurance Building

This facade was captured and rendered into a single measured line drawing, enhanced by four additional sheets bearing a mosaic of rectified photographs to convery additional detail about the building’s existing conditions.

Cosmos Club Ballroom Rectified Photography

Title Sheet for a set of 14 sheets documenting this beautiful ornate ballroom


Reflected Ceiling Plan

Principal Wall Surface (sample)

Foreshortened surfaces

contact sheet of rectified images

The Cosmos Club Ballroom

Ballroom at the Cosmo Club

Here is a new project that I shot last week: documentation of the existing conditions of the interior surfaces in the ballroom at the Cosmos Club in Washington DC (formerly the Townsend Mansion). This is going to be a great opportunity to show what the photo + measured line drawing approach to documentation can yield (with a limited budget).

Emmanuel Truss Layout

Emmanuel Truss Layout

A more co-planar Streetscape

Streetscape in San Miguel de Allende

click on image to see a 100% crop

Here is another streets-cape quickly composed from a half dozen photographs. These facades are more co-planar and thus more easily create a street-scape that is dimensionally faithful to real world conditions. Is it a drawing that looks like a photograph or a photograph that behaves like a drawing?  The tension between these two notions remains beguiling to me.