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Survey Documents of Fort Sumter Masonry Completed

Exterior Masonry at Fort Sumter, Charleston, SC

After shooting a series of photographs of the old Southern stronghold in October I’ve just completed a set of forty seven tabloid size sheets that capture and represent the existing conditions of the exterior walls and courtyard elevations. These will be used later in the year as the basis for a study that will clearly distinguish different periods of masonry and masonry infill in order to create a viable preservation plan.

Scal-able Photographs of the Entry to Fort Sumter

Rectified Photographs of the Fort's interior elevations

The drawings and rectified images (hybrid drawings) are laid out for plotting at the architectural scale of 1/4″=1′-0″ – but can be printed at larger scales if needed.

Detail View (can be enlarged further)

Scope of Work / Key Plan