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So, after many years posting photos to Flickr, I started an instagram in 2018. I’ve been going back and selecting shots from Flickr and using them as “latergrams” – as well as shooting new stuff.

So far I like what I find with Instagram. Its more active than Flickr had become – a lot of my photographer friends had already left town for other platforms – and its far less annoying than Facebook.

Not all of my postings are architecturally themed but many are. A whole bunch of them are shots in and around Staunton, Virginia -which has always been a nice place to shoot. So, if you are interested, come and follow me there and I’ll be happy to engage with you. Its much easier to do that there than it is here with WordPress. Maybe I should make a business instagram and a personal one; right now there are one in the same, just a collection of creative work conducting while wearing different hats: photographer, architect, musician, wanderer,

Prices Fork Elementary School

I just shot some pictures of a newly opened elementary school in Montgomery County, VA for Howard Shockey and Sons. Here is a link to the Flickr Set:


and here is a sample photo:

Parking Lot View

Software App: a back up tool for Flickr

I found a new app to share for those who use flickr as a photo storing/sharing tool. Its called “bulkr” and it provides a way to back up your images stored on flickr.

I have about 5,000 photos hosted on flickr – some public , some not – but I never set out to put that many on there. It just sort of happened over time. After a while I realized that I had photos hosted on flickr that I did not have on my hard drive. This caused me to develop a more strict photo management protocol, which has been relatively easy to follow. But I knew that there were some pieces up in the cloud that were not part of my back up system.

Bulkr allows you to do mass downloads from flickr to a hard drive. The pro version is required if you want to download the “original size” – but its very easy to use and not too expensive ($25 currently).  I’ve found it worthwhile even if I use it only this one time to get a complete copy of my Flickr photos.

Here’s a link.