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Overlapping Photogrammetric systems

View of Point Cloud from side/rear

Spending a lot of time seeing how different photogrammetric systems and point cloud software packages speak to one another. sometimes the interface is elegant, sometime not so much…

New Header

I’m posting a new header for this blog. It’s a composite image of half of the Quai Vauban facing the river Doubs in Besancon, France.  It’s an accurate assembly of a couple dozen images that are each rectified to a known plane/scale.  Here is a detail showing the resolution of the image. We are hoping to see this printed full size and used as a mural somewhere in Charlottesville – a sister city to Besancon.

287 Broadway

Building at Broadway & Reade Street in Manhattan

“Prominently situated on a comer site, the 287 Broadway Building is notable for its combination of the ltalianate and French Second Empire styles as executed in cast iron, and one of the few surviving examples in New York City.” – From the 1987 NYCLPC Landmark Designation Report

Construction of a new building to the south of 287 Broadway has caused this historic structure to fail.  I was asked to prepare rectified photography and a point cloud file/drawing that will at once capture the existing conditions and composition of the cast iron facades – and to provide some precise measurements as to how severly the building is leaning and in what manner.

Reade Street Elevation

Broadway Elevation

Two elevations of 287 Broadway

Point identities (that correspond to a "smart" point cloud) are noted on the Photographs


Streetscape images overlaid onto plan of Vladivostok

I’ve slightly adjusted my methodology for creating streetscapes thanks to a new clipping tool. The aim here is to to make the streetsacpes as clear as possible so as to be immediately useful upon delivery – while still being able to be produced quickly.

Streetscapes in Vladivostok

Childs Restaurant

Childs Restaurant

I shot this building last week while I was in NYC for my talk at Columbia.  I am preparing measured drawings/rectified photos of it for Beyer Blinder Belle.

Traylor Hall – Mercersburg Academy

The Provident Mutual Insurance Building (2)

The Provident Mutual Insurance Building

This facade was captured and rendered into a single measured line drawing, enhanced by four additional sheets bearing a mosaic of rectified photographs to convery additional detail about the building’s existing conditions.

Federal Triangle

USC/CW/ICC Modernization 1994

The Arthur Mellon Auditorium (ICC Building) 1994

Here is a composite drawing of the first really huge (HUGE) building that i used photogrammetry to measure and draw back in 1994.  This work was completed with Ben Frombgen at IAT when we were based in New Haven, CT. We did a complete set of elevations, eleven building profiles (that were later turned into building sections by our client, RTKL) plus a window schedule. It hurts for me to remember how little we charged for this work!  But it was one of our first big commissions and it seemed like a lot at the time.

This is also the first project on which I used a laser measuring device.  If I recall correctly, we were asked to deliver this project in metric units.  I remember being thrilled that the Leica Disto that we bought back then (which was as big as a large box of spaghetti) could switch between units.

I remember also that we had access to a great set of San Francisco based architect Arthur Brown Jr.’s original design drawings (from the 30’s) that were just stunningly beautiful and provided such a contrast to the general level of quality in CAD drafting at the time. Not only was the quality of drafting so great (a beautiful hierarchy of line weights, crisp fluid clarity of description) but the organization of the drawing set was so intelligent and efficient.  We resolved to find a way to draw as well with a computer and have been trying to do so since!

Arthur Brown Jr. also designed the san Francisco City Hall and Coit Tower.

Malcolm X Park aka Meridian Hill Park

Meridian Hill Park

Meridian Hill Park

I just completed this project today, which was somewhat unique in its large footprint. The task was to make drawings of the perimeter wall around the entirety of Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC.  Below is a satellite image showing the size of the park relative to its neighborhood.

Meridian Hill Park

Meridian Hill Park

I prepared drawings at eighth scale and organized them onto seven sheets.  This model required well over a hundred photographs. Below are a few sheets showing the linework.

Meridian Hill Park Perimeter Wall-1

Meridian Hill Park Perimeter Wall-2

Meridian Hill Park Perimeter Wall-3

Meridian Hill Park Perimeter Wall-4

Meridian Hill Park Perimeter Wall-6

A more co-planar Streetscape

Streetscape in San Miguel de Allende

click on image to see a 100% crop

Here is another streets-cape quickly composed from a half dozen photographs. These facades are more co-planar and thus more easily create a street-scape that is dimensionally faithful to real world conditions. Is it a drawing that looks like a photograph or a photograph that behaves like a drawing?  The tension between these two notions remains beguiling to me.