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Some of my work can be seen in the latest APT Bulletin

The latest issue of the APT* Bulletin (Vol XLI, No. 4) is a special issue on documentation. It offers a variety of articles that address information technology, building documentation, building information modeling (BIM) etc. as these relate to preservation work.

There are images of my work to be found in the magazine:

  • Drawings and photographs of the Payne Whitney Gymnasium  (a documentation project for which I offered consulting services) appear on page 34 in Kelly Streeter’s article “Information Technology for Building Documentation” and on pages 48, 52, & 53 in the article “From HABS to BIM” by George Skarmeas.
  • Drawings and photographs of the Lincoln Cottage appear on page 49 in the article “From HABS to BIM” by George Skarmeas.

The APT Bulletin is “The Journal of Preservation Technology”. This issue is highly recommended; nowhere else can you find such a wide discussion of issues facing preservation architects working today .

The Payne Whitney Gymnasium at Yale

*APT is the Association for Preservation Technology

As found drawings

"As Found"

There is a distinction between “as found” drawings (drawings that depict the reality of an existing building as it is “found” today) and drawings that were “found” in a search to locate historical documentation about a building. This is not to knock the value of original drawings that are sometimes available when working on an historic structure. Its just a reminder that original drawings do not always provide accurate descriptions of what was built. Depending on when and how the building was constructed, design drawings sometimes were more like polite suggestions.

The other issue with “found” drawings is how they are converted into CAD drawings or BIM models. Care must be taken to avoid a messy foundation for preservation work.