War Memorial Auditorium (Nashville)

The War Memorial Auditorium (rear elevation)In October 2011 I travelled to Nashville to shoot photos of this gorgeous classical structure erected by the State of Tennessee, the City of Nashville and Davidson County in 1923 (immediately following the first World War). Nashville Architect Edward Dougherty won a Gold medal for the design from the AIA in 1925. From 1939 to 1943 the building served as the fourth home to the Grand Old Opry and witnessed the induction of Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe, and Minnie Pearl.

Today the War Memorial Auditorium is still in use as a music venue as well as offices for the State of Tennessee. To support an effort to preserve the building I am preparing measured drawings to cover the all of its exterior envelope. My line drawings will be enriched with rectified photography. Below are a series of photos and drawings selected from the set of deliverables given to my client.

View from the central courtyard

Interior view, Propylaea

Reflected Ceiling Plan

...with the Tennessee Tower in view beyond

The complete drawing set was organized across at least eight E sized sheets prepared for plotting at 1/4″=1′-0″ (or 1:48) .

War Memorial Auditorium, Nashville Tennessee: Aaslestad Preservation Consulting, photogrammetry, measured drawings

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