First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia

Partial Facade - Frank Furness 1886

Partial Facade – Frank Furness 1886

The First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia was designed by Frank Furness in 1886 in Philadelphia, PA. It has a neighboring building directly adjacent to the west and an open alley to the east. This has caused an asymmetrical load on the building’s trusses and has caused the facade at the alley way to bulge out over the years. I was hired to make a drawing of the affected elevation and to make a series of point measurements to gauge the status of the deformation as it is today.

In order to do this work I used a variety of software (for photogrammetry, point cloud creation, point measurement) and hardware (cameras, telescoping tripods, and laser levels, targets). The image above is seen “through the branches” (there is substantial tree cover on the side of the building).

almost full scale crop

almost full scale crop

crop showing "tree noise"

crop showing “tree noise”

My report



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