Park Avenue Armory (7th Regiment Armory)

Park Avenue elevation

Interior of the Veteran’s Room

This extensive project consisted of measuring drawing this rather large building in plan and elevation – and documenting the incredible variety of early 20th century interiors in the building’s many “Company Rooms” .  Learn more about the interiors here. The result is a collection of drawings nearly 200 in number including interior elevations, reflected ceiling plans and many rectified photographs.

Rectified photograph of the ceiling structure in the Board of Officers’ room

RCP in Board of Officers’ room

The Park Avenue Armory, as it is now known, includes not only the ornate company rooms but also what was the largest covered space in Manhattan until the Javits Convention Center was built in 1986.

Section through Drill Hall

Building section

Long section

Celestory in the Drill Hall

Library (or “Silver”) Room

Library (or “Silver”) Room

Company G elevation

Company G elevation

Main stairwell

Company E reflected ceiling plan

Company E reflected ceiling plan detail

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