Preservation Consulting

In 2007 I started Aaslestad Preservation Consulting, LLC and collaborate regularly with leading preservation architects on projects that include both sensitive, historic sites as well as everyday building renovations.  My work has proven to be rich in detail, reliable & cost effective.

If you are looking for way to obtain high quality measured drawings and/or photographs that faithfully describe the as-found conditions of an existing structure, give me a call for a free quote: 540-447-4405

For over twenty years I have specialized in capturing, recording and documenting the as-found conditions of existing buildings/structures as a consulting service to other architects, engineers, and property owners.  In 1990 I discovered photogrammetry while working as an architect in Paris and it struck a deep chord in me, connecting my interest in architecture and photography, surveying and travel.

My career in building documentation began when the use of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) was not yet wide spread and has seen the arrival of  a variety of new technologies and ways to analyze and model information about buildings – with more are on the way. I am committed to integrating these new technologies with the best professional practices that are our legacy from past generations in order to best serve the buildings that we will pass on as our legacy.

I have presented the results of my preservation consulting work to both universities and professional organizations such as the Association for Preservation Technology. In 2001, I was an active member of the Investigative Team working to restore James Madison’s Montpelier: this work was recognized in 2003 by the Vernacular Architectural Forum’s Paul E. Buchanan Award for excellence.



sectional/plan view of point file: 3D scanning from photos






Partial Elevation with rectified photography




Rectified Photograph of partial elevation



portsmouth interiors-3

assortment of interior photos





Plaster Detail

Detail of Plaster Ornamentation


Theoretical Intersections


Four different locations for the Building Corner



H:900 Digital Documentation902 LibrariesPost 20002000.030 ThNational Museum of Natural HistoryH:900 Digital Documentation902 LibrariesPost 20002000.030 Th







Farm Manager Residence

Farm Manager Residence







Fort Sumter-2

Scal-able Photographs of the Entry to Fort Sumter


Fort Sumter







Mosaic image of Old Main





The Payne Whitney Gymnasium at Yale

The Payne Whitney Gymnasium at Yale






Blacksmith shop

Blacksmith shop at Montpelier





Springhouse at Montpelier




innova and iat_small01









H:900 Digital Documentation902 LibrariesPost 20002000.030 Th







New York Times May 4 1995

New York Times May 4 1995