Measured Drawings

This shows how three dimensional conditions have long been artfully understood through two dimensional description. (Drawing by Andrea Pozzo – 17th century)

At the outset of any preservation, restoration or rehabilitation project, the first question is: “Do we have any measured drawings of the building?” If any drawings are to be found, that question is quickly followed by “How reliable are they?”

High quality measured drawings in CAD format that accurately describe the existing conditions of a building’s size and shape can be hard to come by. Drawing on deep experience with conventional field techniques, digital photogrammetry & laser measuring devices, I have made this work my specialty.

Architectural Fieldwork

I use a combination of photogrammetry, laser measuring devices, laser levels (even conventional tape measures -whatever is most appropriate to the task)  to measure and draw hard-to-access elevations, ceilings, and interior elevations. I also prepare plan drawings, building sections, detail drawings, 3-D point clouds and hybrid drawings. Virtually each project is unique in some way, as anyone familiar with preservation work will know.

• Elevations (exterior & interior)
• Plans (“envelope plans” as well as interior partition layouts, floor plans, roof plans…)
• Building sections & profiles
• Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCPs)
• Detail Drawings


I typically deliver my work as AutoCAD™ *.dwg files which are tailored to my client’s specifications. Often, these are converted to Revit™ or another 3-D modelling package. Still other clients prefer deliverables to be created as widely share-able PDF files, especially when the drawings and/or photographs need to be printed onto archivable media.

The Arthur Mellon Auditorium (ICC Building) 1994

Floor Plan

Building section


Drawing set using a variety of graphic scales