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red house (testing embedding code)


There are drawings and then there are drawings that are used to construct drawings

“behind the scene” sketch


10 Year Anniversary!

10 years ago today I formed Aaslestad Preservation Consulting llc to better pursue my interest in ways of capturing, understanding, and visualizing the built world. Its led me to some great collaborations in unique places. I’m very grateful and looking forward to new horizons under changing skies, somehow still afloat and seaworthy!

Like a Cat Scan of a Building

View of “internal organs”

Using a medical analogy to understand new ways of accessing point cloud data… The slide above shows the point cloud in RECAP software with the exterior envelope layer turned off, revealing the cluster of internal spaces.

The slides below show a series of “slices” taken vertically through the buildings at 1 meter intervals, from north towards the south and then from east proceeding towards the west.

a series of “slices” ex. 1

a series of “slices” ex. 2

Glass Art Process documented

Hot Glass

Use this link to check out how Josh Soloman rolls…

Battered Dry Laid Stone Retaining Wall

Video snippet of point cloud above, cropped image of orthophoto below… Click on the orthophoto to see full resolution. This wall, located in Staunton, VA, was constructed by Restoration Stone LLC using stones collected in the GW National Forest under permit from North River Ranger District.

Cropped orthophoto of dry laid stone wall surface

Measured Drawings at different architectural scales

overview of sheets: plans, elevations, sections, interior elevations, details…

End of year review




Point Cloud of Ceiling


Cross Section through Ceiling

Section Through Alamo Point Cloud

Section Through Alamo Point Cloud

I’m just sharing a few snap shots from favorite projects as the end of the year draws near… here are a few from the Alamo:


Main facade of Alamo (overall)


Close up strip of main facade dense point cloud. This is not a true orthophoto draped over a 3D mesh – just the points themselves – effectively an “Orthophoto” but a little grainy – click to zoom in.


Here is an thumbnail of an orthophoto elevation of the Convento.

This is an orthophoto- a 3D mesh made from the point cloud and then texturized...

This is an orthophoto- a 3D mesh made from the point cloud and then texturized… click to zoom in to see the difference.

Sully Plantation

front of point cloud

front of point cloud

Sully Plantation

Angled view of Sully Plantation

side of point cloud

side of point cloud

“Maymont West”

…Aka Swananoa

Below is a photo I shot a few years back of the second residence of the Dooley family (of Maymont in Richmond). This building sits atop Afton Mountain on the Blue Ridge. How I wish it were still a part of Maymont – and shown the same amount of care and stewardship. It is such a shame that it sits there neglected… How I would love to make a careful set of drawings of this beauty…