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Press Release – Georgia O’Keeffe House

Press release


3D Pointcloud > 2D Orthophoto > Vector Line Drawing

Dense 3D Point clouds, Orthophotos and Measured line drawings together make a strong trio as elements of a thorough architectural documentation/survey. All of these products can be derived from photogrammetry.

A tower face at St. Lawrence Basilica

screenshot from Bricscad showing three types of documentation integrated into a DWG file…



Tympanum at the First Bank of The United States (video link)

Tympanum at the First Bank of The United States


This is a low res model derived from a super dense point cloud that captures the existing conditions of this beautiful wood carving from 1795. The building currently houses offices for The National Park Service in Philadelphia’s Old City.

Aaslestad Preservation Consulting is providing project architects  Mills + Schnoering with existing conditions documentation that will be “in hand” when the team goes up to do hands-on preservation/conservation work later this month.

screenshot of pointcloud

^Screen capture of the pointcloud

^tiled view of the orthophoto

Guastavino Stair

Structural tile stair tower at St. Lawrence Basilica – Asheville, NC

Rafael Guastavino


Old projects

Just double posting a few snap shots from old projects that were featured on instagram.

Weir Farm NHS HABS Drawings completed circa 1994 using analog photogrammetry while working with IAT

Payne Whitney Gymnasium – New Haven, CT. Measured drawings and mosaic of rectified photography (“old school orthophotos”!) completed while working with Frazier Associates

Rectified Photography at Roswell Ruins – Gloucetser, VA. Shot while working with Frazier Associates

Detail from the facade at The Alamo (1)

Detail from the facade at The Alamo (2)


st lawrence basilica – raphael guastavino -asheville, nc

line drawing progress snapshot


VUU Photogrammetry

Peter Aaslestad shooting at VUU. Photo by Bob Bonk of Draper Aden Associates

Last winter I enjoyed collaborating with Draper Aden Associates on a project at Virginia Union University in Richmond. below is a video fly through of the model I made for that project. Above is a snap shot of me at work.

Erskine Building

more testing with new methodology…

Salubria Manor

3D Model from dense point cloud derived through photogrammetry