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Guastavino’s St. Lawrence Basilica in Asheville, NC

…sharing a video clip fly through of this point cloud prepared from photogrammetry and a total station. The set of drawings that I’ll extract from this should be very interesting, more to come!


Salubria Orthophotos

Screenshots of the orthophotos produced from the point cloud of the Northwest Room at Salubria.

See the model in 3D here:


Virtual Drone

A fly through of a 3D Model of a Stone Building derived through Photogrammetry showing the model overall and then getting closer to the surface to show the richness of organic detail captured.

U.S. Mint Philadelphia, now Philly Community College

US Mint Street View

A few snapshots from a 3D point cloud / 3D scan of this structure- in support of a rendering by a third party. (Snapshots are screen grabs from Autodesk RECAP)


Scroll, window surround, and cornice

Left side of the entrance stair (symmetrical design)

Scroll at Entrance Stair

Overlapping Photogrammetric systems

View of Point Cloud from side/rear

Spending a lot of time seeing how different photogrammetric systems and point cloud software packages speak to one another. sometimes the interface is elegant, sometime not so much…

The Alamo and more

The Alamo

The Alamo

I have been neglecting updates on my website, even though I’ve been doing some interesting work!

2016 has been extremely busy with large projects at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC and in San Antonio, TX (above). I’ve also had a chance to do some design work for two restaurant installations here in Virginia – “The Store” and “Chicano Boy”.

Plus I had a nice show of photographs of Portsmouth Island, NC that has been hanging in Ocracoke all summer.

That’s all for now – just wanted to post something 😉

Enriching HABS documentation with Orthophotography

HYBRIDIZED 00001a 1 When I am hired to prepare a set of documents to describe the existing conditions of buildings I sometimes try to incorporate older drawings and the like. If I am working with original construction drawings it can be very interesting to see how and where the existing structure is different than the one designed. If I am working with measured drawings of unknown provenance it can be very frustrating to see how inaccurate the drawings are! So as a rule, I only deliver measured drawings that I create from my original site work  since its the only way I know that I can really trust the work and stand behind it.

Hybrid Drawing

Hybrid Drawing

Line Drawing

Line Drawing

Realizing how valuable a good set of measured drawings truly is, it is wonderful to consider what a treasure our HABS HAER collections are! These are uniformly drawn to standards generally higher than the profession gets by on, even today. Sometimes I am looking at doing some work on a project and I am fortunate to learn that a HABS set of drawings already exist. This gives me an opportunity to overlay some of my work (with photogrammetrically derived images) onto this “layer” of information in seamless fashion.

Hybrid Drawing

Hybrid Drawing

Line Drawing

Line Drawing

I’ve long done this kind of work with rectified photography in a sort of manual approach. I’m discovering that its equally great to “Hybridize” the HABS line drawings with orthophotography as well (derived from 3-D models derived from a scanning process). The images posted here show a recent look at the Cape Hatteras lighthouse on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The HABS collection of drawings is very nicely done and available to all to explore through the HABS web site (here). The images posted here show how the line drawings can be built upon with technology available today,  They become the foundational layer of a living document that describes an important piece of architecture in great detail.


07hatteras base E

05hatteras base S03hatteras base W01hatteras base N

Measuring the deformation of masonry walls in an historic structure

Contour map of deformation SE

Contour map of deformation SE

For my project at the the Old Town Hall in New Castle, DE, I am first establishing the existing conditions of masonry walls – including their deformation. This documentation will help us to choose where to set targets for monitoring over the coming months/years.

Contour map of deformation NW

Contour map of deformation NW

see the project page HERE