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Salubria Orthophotos

Screenshots of the orthophotos produced from the point cloud of the Northwest Room at Salubria.

See the model in 3D here:



3D Models on the Web

I opened a free account with Sketchfab and am learning about ways to share 3D models on the web. I’ve uploaded a few sample models that can be inspected (I believe) in pretty much any browser.

If you use this website/service and want to comment below, please do! It seems pretty robust and simple/user friendly at the same time.

Here is the link:

Theater Interior – Carnegie Library Homestead, PA

… sharing a youtube clip of a fly through of a point cloud derived through photogrammetry. ~25 millions points

Virtual Drone

A fly through of a 3D Model of a Stone Building derived through Photogrammetry showing the model overall and then getting closer to the surface to show the richness of organic detail captured.

U.S. Mint Philadelphia, now Philly Community College

US Mint Street View

A few snapshots from a 3D point cloud / 3D scan of this structure- in support of a rendering by a third party. (Snapshots are screen grabs from Autodesk RECAP)


Scroll, window surround, and cornice

Left side of the entrance stair (symmetrical design)

Scroll at Entrance Stair

Snapshots of a 3D point cloud

Its admittedly pretty fun to fly around a house once you have the point cloud made, taking “pictures” that you couldn’t have snapped when you were actually on site without the use of a jetpack!

From the left

from the Right

This is a house in West Haven, CT.

Overlapping Photogrammetric systems

View of Point Cloud from side/rear

Spending a lot of time seeing how different photogrammetric systems and point cloud software packages speak to one another. sometimes the interface is elegant, sometime not so much…

Jackson Square – Vieux Carré – New Orleans

Orthophoto of the Cabildo - St. Louis Cathedral - Presbetère facing Jackson Square

Orthophoto of the Cabildo – St. Louis Cathedral – Presbetère facing Jackson Square

Neglecting the website/blog has gone on too long. I’ve been doing a lot of work since last fall but none of it has made it onto this page! So, just to break the ice, so to speak, I decided to grab share an orthophoto from a favorite place to many.

This orthophoto was composed of infrared shots of this famous trio of buildings in the heart of New Orleans. I grabbed these when I was visiting the city and looking at the possibility of creating a high res (both spatial and temporal) 3D model of the entire French Quarter for use as a planning and preservation tool.

Anyway, stay tuned and I’ll try to share some of the recent work soon.



Bob White Covered Bridge

Bob White Bridge

Bob White Bridge

Measured Drawings of Bridge Exterior

Measured Drawings of Bridge Exterior

Last summer I was hired by Frazier Associates in Staunton to prepare some as found documentation of the Bob White Covered Bridge in Patrick County, Virginia for preservation work to be conducted through VDOT. I learned yesterday that bridge was washed away in flash flooding! This is horrible to learn; now only seven covered bridges remain statewide, I believe.

I am therefore VERY glad to have a couple hundred photos of the structure suitable for photogrammetric rectification. I did prepare some simple drawings and orthophotography, small versions of which I’ll share here. I’ll also share some video snap shots of the point cloud I created.

I hope to get in touch with anyone who might be interested in rebuilding. If you stumble upon this page and share my interest please contact me!

Measured Drawings of Bridge in Plan

Measured Drawings of Bridge in Plan

Below is a view of the point cloud using the free viewer distributed by Autodesk: RECAP.

Overview of point cloud

Overview of point cloud

and a few videos of the orthophotography:

New way to use Photogrammetry

Model of addition projected back into photograph

Typically I use photogrammetry to measure and draw existing structures.  Recently I’ve started using it also to visualize new structures. The photo above shows an image that was used originally to create a set of measured drawings of an existing house.  Once I had those drawings completed I designed a new structure to be built above the foundation of an existing garage.  I made a simple 3-D model of the new design and then accurately projected the model back into the photograph. This has been an invaluable tool in getting my client to understand the new design.

More on this new way of working to come…

Alternate view