Like a Cat Scan of a Building

View of “internal organs”

Using a medical analogy to understand new ways of accessing point cloud data… The slide above shows the point cloud in RECAP software with the exterior envelope layer turned off, revealing the cluster of internal spaces.

The slides below show a series of “slices” taken vertically through the buildings at 1 meter intervals, from north towards the south and then from east proceeding towards the west.

a series of “slices” ex. 1

a series of “slices” ex. 2

4 responses to “Like a Cat Scan of a Building

  1. Hi Pete, very nice! Is it a feature of recap to export all these slices, or a lot of manual work? And was this whole building scan compiled by you photogrammetrically? Always enjoy seeing your work on here! James

    • The entire scan is derived from photogrammetry, both terrestrial and aerial. Once the point cloud has been assembled/constructed the slices can be extracted. This requires manual set up but once started can be automated more or less. Batch sequenced. Thanks for your interest!

  2. I enjoy your nice, clean layouts. I’m just wondering how many photos this large project required. Must have been a huge number! Would mind briefly describing how you set up the survey control on this multi-level plan?

    • It was a lot of photographs indeed. As would be expected the exterior point cloud required the most. Then individual rooms depending on size and complexity each required up to a hundred or more. Prior to shooting small targets were place throughout and measured with a total station thereby linking all models into the same unified coordinate system (also shared with the exterior cloud). Thanks for your interest!

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