Vladivostok Street Scenes

While archiving some files today I had a brief look at the work that I was part of in 2009 in Vladivostok.  It just struck me as stunning when I realized just how much we documented in such a short period of time. We covered miles of streetscapes, and everywhere we covered, we can zoom in and see more of what was happening all over town that week. See below…

Partial View od Street Scene (Autocad screen shot)

Zooming in a little further

Measuring the approximate height of the lady in red's high heels...

…Confirmed: four inch heels!

If you click on these images, you’ll see them in even higher resolution! More can be learned about the project here.


3 responses to “Vladivostok Street Scenes

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  2. amazing job, i intented to make something similar in my hometown, do you used just autocad?

    • no, i use specialized software for photogrammetry. in theory this could be done with just a cad program like auto cad or bricscad and an image rectifying software like DXO but then you’d need a lot of field measurements. Thats where the photogrammetry becomes essential – it handles the field measurements and the rectification

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