More Four Thirds Gear

So in the last post I described my EOS>4/3 adapter. Here I’ll describe my C-Mount lens adapter for Four Thirds.

This adapter has no iris. I don’t think it could have one as the C-Mount lens needs to be only 17mm or 18mm away from the sensor.

Olympus PEN EP-2 with 16mm f1.6 C-Mount lens

So when you mount a REALLY cheap lens like the Clover Electronics 16mm f1.6 ($24.40 at B&H), you can only shoot wide open. This lens is really light and not at all sharp, but very fast and relatively wide on a four thirds camera. In fact, its so wide that it casts a circular image onto the four thirds sensor. Sample below:

Alleyway in Staunton

On the other hand, you can mount a lens with is a little nicer and get a lot more out of it. Here is a picture of the Pentax 25mm 1.4 mounted onto the EP-2:

EP-2 with Pentax 25mm f1.4 C-Mount Lens

This lens is a lot sharper AND it has a manually adjustable iris so you can shoot wide open at 1.4 or stop it down to f16. Its pretty well built and still not too dear, $119 at B&H if memory serves… Not bad for the equivalent of a fast 50mm walk around rangefinder – and a LOT OF FUN! Sample  below:

Shot on an EP-2 with a Pentax 25mm C-Mount lens


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