Point Cloud from Aerial Photos using photogrammetry

Here is a shot of the quarry in Staunton from the air, shot back in May:


This is only one of a series of photos that I processed into a large 3-D point cloud that captures the real world shape and size of this big hole in the ground. The point cloud can be imported into AutoCad as tens or hundreds of thousands of discreet point measurements (along with true color values in RGB). This approach is very cumbersome in AutoCad but can be useful to then creat a 3-D mesh and eventually a “solid” in order to make difficult volume calculations.

Or it can be exported to a text file/table and brought into AutoCad (11 or later) as an indexed point file (*.pcg) which is much more easily managed in AutoCad.

Here is an animated GIF file showing the three dimensional nature of the point cloud.

Quarry point cloud viewed in AutoCad


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