Photography Show at Newtown

Wow, I have been conspicuously inactive this summer. Time to get my back log of blog post ideas through the pipeline. I’ll start with a simple one by posting the “post card announcement of the show of photographs that I put together for the gallery space at Newtown Bakery in Staunton.


The show features both framed prints (hung) and matted prints (available for ‘take out’) and covers a host of images collected over the past two years – a time when I have been very fortunate to travel quite a bit (France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Mexico, Russia, Los Angeles, and recently Norway.)


From the show’s catalogue:

“Like any photographer I try to shoot things in such a way that the viewer (myself included) might see something otherwise unseen. In that way, then, I am looking for the “road less travelled”. And, like any photographer, I am interested in the paradox of capturing the timelessness of a place in the instant it is framed through a lens. Hence the mash up title of this collection of photos, “Time Less Travelled”.

I can’t really tell you what it means. For me, it wraps together some of my obsessions in a neat package and even, unintentionally, suggests the idea of time travel. It is somehow suitable for photos that are often long exposures – either shot at night or, in daylight, through an Hoya r72 infrared filter.  These shots are actually a series of instants laid overtop one another, like compressed videos. I’ve also enjoyed some post production tinkering with blurring and framing images in a way that supports this notion of time travel and uncertainty of scale.

This collection also includes a lot of photographs shot through the open window of an airplane on the way to or from an assignment with Virginia Aerial Photography.  An abstracted view of the world is almost forced on you once your point of view travels up a thousand feet…”


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