Gear: iphone4 tripod mount

The iphone4 can be a great little camera – but its not easy to hold. And for longer exposures its practicaly impossible to get a good shot, even if you brace it against a wall or a chair, whatever. If you have any interest in long exposures, or time lapse photography, you quickly realize that you need to find a way to attach the phone to a tripod. I shopped around and found a cool new product that will do what I want with the tripod and more. Its called the “Glif” and retails for $20.

Here’s a link to the Studio Neat website where you can learn more and/or buy one. They are a small designer/manufacturer company that got going thanks to a Kickstarter Campaign. What that means is they went straight to the public to create a short path between an elegant idea and a manufactured product.



One response to “Gear: iphone4 tripod mount

  1. wish they made one for 3gs

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