Software App: a back up tool for Flickr

I found a new app to share for those who use flickr as a photo storing/sharing tool. Its called “bulkr” and it provides a way to back up your images stored on flickr.

I have about 5,000 photos hosted on flickr – some public , some not – but I never set out to put that many on there. It just sort of happened over time. After a while I realized that I had photos hosted on flickr that I did not have on my hard drive. This caused me to develop a more strict photo management protocol, which has been relatively easy to follow. But I knew that there were some pieces up in the cloud that were not part of my back up system.

Bulkr allows you to do mass downloads from flickr to a hard drive. The pro version is required if you want to download the “original size” – but its very easy to use and not too expensive ($25 currently).  I’ve found it worthwhile even if I use it only this one time to get a complete copy of my Flickr photos.

Here’s a link.


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