Telescoping Tripod

Using my telescoping tripod in Renssalaerville, NY

Using my telescoping tripod in Renssalaerville, NY

Over the summer I started a business venture with a friend doing aerial photography with his 1946 Cessna. I do the photos, he does the flying… Anyway, this experience got me hooked on the possibilities of enhanced points of view.

For a long time I’d thought of the cherry picker (aerial lift/bucket truck, etc.) as my only option and had often worked around the lack of great points of view with creative alternatives when budgets and such would not allow the use of a cherry picker.  But, being hooked as I was, I did more research and realized that a relatively low cost solution was available which could yield surprisingly good results – if you have the guts to put your calibrated camera up in the air on a telescoping tripod.

Even if you purchase a well made tripod with adjustable legs that allow the whole rig to be leveled, and even if you attach guy wires to stabilize everything ( if you have the need plus the manpower), even so, it takes some nerve to put your specially calibrated SLR way up into the air!

Of course its range is nothing compared to a big boom lift, but it can let you see over cars and trucks, and bushes and fences and all sorts of things.  Its just one more trick up your sleeve that can help your work become just a little better.

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  1. I do not fully appreciate what goes into this process. As I view some of the images I am seeing details of the Bulding that I never before noticed. I am familiar with tradition aerial photogrammetry but this takes it to a level I never experienced.

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