Notre Dame de Paris & the Basilique St. Denis


Southwest Tower Notre Dame de Paris

Southwest Tower Notre Dame de Paris

I was lucky to work on some great projects while employed at Innova in the early 90’s.  We were making measured drawings of the layout of individual construction units for stone structures such as the Notre Dame de Paris and the Basilique St. Denis. It was interesting to see the strange cycle of work that started with stone masons years ago, filtered through our photography and CAD drawings, printed onto paper drawings and then used in the yard adjacent to these structures by contemporary stone masons.  It was a cool mixture of high and low tech.

As an architect, using photogrammetry as a tool to measure and draw buildings was tantamount to learning to see buildings in a unique light. In fact it was the beginning of an education on how to see buildings.  This is probably my favorite part of doing this kind of work… it has provided a way to exercise the “muscle” of observation. I remember how cool it was to first work on a project through using photographs – measuring and drawing a building – and THEN visiting the site in person.  I felt like I already knew the place in some meaningful way.  Nowadays that almost never happens since I do all of the photography work on site myself.


Basilique St. Denis, partial drawing


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