IAT and creating measured drawings of really large buildings

iat-ICC_01After returning to the United States in 1992, I started a company with my friend and fellow architect, Ben Frombgen. We were based in New Haven, CT, and the company was called Innovative Architectural Technologies (IAT).  I am nearly certain that we were the first photogrammetric service bureau in the nation.

This was a challenge.  At the time, out-sourcing was not very common among architects.  A lot of architects were yet to start taking advantage of computer aided drafting software (CAD).  And we were complete novices at running a business!  One of our first big breaks at the time was landing a job with RTKL to do measured drawings of one of the buildings located in the federal triangle.  It was a huge project and we delivered everything on time.  The drawings were detailed enough to provide a unit by unit survey of this magnificent stone structure.  I remember that we had to do everything in metric units and that this requirement was what pushed us to buy our first laser.  It was a Leica Disto, which could provide accurate measurments in english or metric units. Back then the Disto was about the size of box of spaghetti.  I’m now on my third or fourth Disto; they keep getting smaller and more powerful.

Hand-held Laser Measuring device

Hand-held Laser Measuring device

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