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Peter Aaslestad is both a free-lance photographer and an internationally recognized historic preservation consultant specializing in the use of architectural photogrammetry to document existing buildings.

His work includes a variety of notable buildings, mostly in the United States but also Europe and Asia.

Aaslestad Preservation Consulting, LLC

Nearly twenty years ago, Peter Aaslestad identified architectural documentation as a niche specialty that could be better served by professionals dedicated to this craft. Over the years he has collaborated with leading preservation firms across the country on projects that range from log cabins to president’s homes to entire historic districts.

Mr. Aaslestad’s signature work displays an integration of newly available technologies with a deep understanding of traditional technique. In 2007, he formed Aaslestad Preservation Consulting, LLC as a way to pursue a wide range of preservation work while remaining involved at every level on each unique project – from conducting fieldwork through providing the final touch on complex sets of documents.

At its heart, Aaslestad Preservation Consulting LLC is about connecting architects and property owners with the best means to capture and understand the contemporary state of historic structures in order to better preserve them. This includes a variety of services that range from creating HABS level line drawings to producing digital “hybrid drawings” which integrate rectified photography with 3D point clouds and vector based CAD drawings.

As a leader in his field, Mr. Aaslestad has been a guest lecturer for the APT (Association for Preservation Technology), Columbia University, and the Universities of Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. In 2001, Mr. Aaslestad became an active member of the investigative team working to restore James Madison’s Montpelier. The groundbreaking work produced by this team was recognized in 2003 with the prestigious Paul E. Buchanan Award, presented by the Vernacular Architecture Forum.

Peter is also a partner in Virginia Aerial Photography, LLC which serves the mid-Atlantic.

Peter writes a blog which is hosted here on this site.

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